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Empowering the village one young mind at a time...


Kai's House is a holistic residential program serving young adults between the ages of 18-23 years old.  Our mission is to guide young people of color by providing the life development tools and skills that support them in achieving self mastery.  The curriculum of Kai's House is founded on the idea that our external world is a reflection of what is going on within us (our internal world).  We take an inside-out approach to healing and spiritual growth which ultimately creates the ability for to live abundantly and independently.  At Kai's House young adults learn about all aspects of adult living including financial literacy, job interview skills, cooking and even growing their own food.  But even more importantly, they learn the spiritual laws of success that enhance their entire lives and support them in having better personal and work relationships, starting with the relationship they have with themselves.

Kai's House is currently working on purchasing land and mobile or modular homes to support the creation of a safe space for the nurturing and growing of these young lives.  Some of the funds raised with this fundraiser will also go towards the continued development of the curriculum.

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