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Your Risk-Free Fundraising Campaign with Grandma Emmas

Each jar of cobbler is 26oz. and will have signature labels designed & affixed to each jar your supporters purchase, displaying your organization’s name/logo.

There will be special flavors available through fundraising campaigns based on minimum order quantity. This is a signature component that will help drive sales. Let us know if you have any particular flavors in mind! 

Our cobbler program will help make your fundraising easy and fun!

Gramma Emma’s is here to help you reach your fundraising goals! Our program is unique.


We have designed tools that will allow you to promote your fundraiser on social media platforms.


You will close a sale more often with the ability to accept payments electronically!


Along with our price points, we are certain Grandma Emma’s will be a great component of your current and future fundraisers!

We are prepared to assist in the success of all of your fundraising campaigns by providing a great product for your fundraising.


We also have the technology to track the progress of your fundraiser. These two components are keys to a successful fundraising campaign.

Getting Started

Fundraising as easy as...


1) Contact Us


We will gather information from you to create a unique product page with your organization's bio, information, and contact information.

2) Going Live


Once your fundraising page goes live, your sellers will be able to share a link to the page along with a unique coupon code to track the sales of each rep.

3) Sell!


The site allows customers to complete payments through all major debit/credit as well as Paypal. Help generate sales by using social media and share information about your fundraising campaign-and the delicious cobblers you are selling for your cause!

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