Old Fashioned Goodness

A taste, so incredibly rich and flavorful your non-vegan friends will never know...

Grandma Emma's Cobblers are 100% vegan, but made for everyone to love.

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About Grandma Emma

My Grandma, Lucy Emma Dawson loved baking and sharing recipes. Among her favorites was her peach cobbler.

I remember as a child coming to visit. Before I could even get in the door, I’d be greeted by the wonderful smells of nutmeg, cinnamon and of course, peaches cooking on the stove.

I’d rush to remove my coat and then make a straight line to the kitchen where I’d sit anxiously waiting for that amazing cobbler to be done.

I look forward to sharing a spoonful of our family tradition with you.

- Eric Dawson, Founder/CEO

pineapple cobbler
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